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Dried bananas


Ref.: 000620

Set of 6 individual packages :
- 2 sachets of natural dried bananas,
- 2 sachets of chocolate dried bananas,
- 2 sachets of choco-almond dried bananas.

10.00 €

To minimize packaging, & preserve the environment, we are proud to provide now our solar dried bananas packed only with sachets. In these hermetic sealed sachets, dried bananas keep their mellow smoothness & all their natural nutritional properties.

However, with this fully loaded energy shot, convenient to keep in a pocket, they will delight hikers during short break on the trails, enchant kids for snack…and all kind of gourmand around !


Each set contains 6 individual sachets : 2 sachets of natural dried bananas (2 bananas/sachet), 2 sachets of chocolate dried bananas (1 banana/sachet) and 2 sachets of choco-almond dried bananas (1 banana/sachet).


  • Our Bananas from Thailand are growing without industrial fertilizer nor pesticide in Phitsanulok province.
  • During drying process under translucent parabolic domes, they are laid down on bamboo mats, away from insect and any contamination brought by wind.
  • Zero substance added ! During packing step, dried bananas are not treated in any way : no preservatives, no sugar added.
  • Once packed & labeled, Lemon Import deals with the import from Phitsanulok to Quaix en Chartreuse, according to the regulations.
  • Nutrition facts : one 30g portion provide 140cal without fat nor cholesterol.
  • Life on shelves : 1 year.


Banana kouey-nam-wa (กล้วยน้ำหว้า)

Full of potassium, powerful antioxidants, supplying vitamins, minerals and nutrients as well as complementary for gut flora enforcement, banana is a super-fruit full of benefits which are detailed in many research & articles. Regarding this, everyone will make his own opinion.



On October 2015, we have been visiting this family business in order to meet them & to see how these dried bananas are made : check it out on our dedicated post.

Starting from a family business, our producer is the first in Thailand to have decided to improve the production quality with innovative methode to reach international standards. Some investment has been required to build new infrastructures & to give more skills to the staff but it was worth it.

If the drying process under glass parabolic dome has been able to focus solar radiation on the drying surface, it gives above all a protection to drying fruits against any contaminant brought through the wind. This quality control level is guaranteed by the GMP Codex & HACCP certification.



K Chanama, who is now running this family business in Phitsanulok. 



To know more about Banana Society products, see our dedicated News published after visiting the production site on the 30th of October, 2015.