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Osmanthus flower

Oolong blend tea

Ref.: 000011

A fine blend of Oolong Jinxuan tea with osmanthus flower petals giving in a composition of mellow & floral notes.

10.00 €

As suggested by its name, our Osmanthus Oolong tea is a blend of Oolong Jinxuan with osmanthus flower petals. Also called tea olive, osmanthus flower grows widely across Asia, from Himalaya foothills to southern Indochina.

 Osmanthus Oolong tea connoisseurs will recognize its typical flavor, between jasmine, honeysuckle & orange blossom, resulting in a light tea, with floral notes, especially for the first brew. Then, they give way to the characteristic flavor of Oolong tea (or Wu Long).

Overall, it has to be noted that the leaves used in this tea are the non-rolled Oolong milky ones.


Available in 100g packs.


  • Quantity for a multiple-brewing serve : 1 teaspoon per person (or 5g for a 500mL teapot).
  • Up to 2 or 3 times brewing with the same leaves. There's no need to throw away the first water.
  • Recommended temperature: 95-100°C.
  • Recommended steep duration : 50".
  • Oxidization : 30%.
  • Thein level : medium.  


  1. Quantity in the teapot for a multiple-brewing serve : 1 teaspoon per person.
  2. Then pour the desired quantity of boiling water. Let it steep a bit less than one minute, pour it and reserve the leaves for the next brew. Enjoy your tea. Instead of our Classic Oolong, there's no need to throw away the first water. 

For a perfect control of the brew durations & keep the leaves properly drained between 2 brews, use our glass teapot with infuser.  


In southern China, beyond a romantic meaning of this flower & its wide use with tea, osmanthus fragrance is light & fresh, inviting to mental concentration & meditation.

Belonging to the Oleaceae family, osmanthus is also known for its suave fruity notes reminding apricot or jasmine.

In addition, in Traditional Chinese Medicine, osmanthus appears to sooth cough, to ease throat irritations & respiratory congestion happening during cold season.


A valuable addition to our handy pocket herbal inhaler.