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Borneol Oil

Borneol Oil Roll-on

Ref.: 000220

Scorch ? Stinging ? Insect bites ? Aches ? Stiff neck ? Roll-on obviously !
#Handy, #Original & #Convenient

Ease aches & muscular pain : stiff neck, cramps, etc.
Ease itches : mosquitoes, fleas, ticks, wasps, etc.
Insect repellent
Easy to use to impregnate a face-mask before use.

Packed into glass container fitted with a Roll-on : easy to use, easy to carry.

10.00 €

Borneol Oil in a Roll-on glass bottle : soothing & relaxing

Unique & natural fix, before or after mosquitoes


Bites ? Aches ? Torticollis ? Roll-on, obviously !

With camphor, borneol, Lavender oil and Eucalyptus oil is the discreet FRIEND to make your day using 3 different ways :

As an insect repellent against mosquitoes, tiques, wasps or fleas BEFORE THEY STUNG YOU.

To heal stings, itches & irritations IF INSECTS HAVE ALREADY STUNG YOU.

As relaxing on aches pain, torticollis, cramps : thanks to its heating effect to ease such pains.

Tingles ? Bzzz bzzz… Mosquito ? Torticollis ? Contracture ? Borneol oil in glass bottle fitted with a Roll-on.

Tingles ? Bzzz bzzz… Mosquito ? Torticollis ? Contracture ? Borneol oil in glass bottle fitted with a Roll-on.



Naturally present in several plants, including the camphor tree, Borneol is very popular in traditional medicines of Asia due to analgesic properties & its heating effect in contact with the skin. It also has an insect repellent action related to its camphorous smell.


To keep insects away

Used as an insect repellent in tropical areas, it is an effective protection against the bites of ticks, fleas, mosquitoes and other insects thanks to eucalyptus. (eucalytpus globulus essential oil). This essential oil has such action because it contains odoriferous substances (cadinene, nerolidol-2, geraniol and L-alpha terpenol) that mask the olfactory marker used by insects to spot their prey.


And in case of sting, an immediate and handy soothing effect to apply with the Roll-on

In addition, if you've been stung, rolling the Roll-on on the stitch area will soothe within minutes. Extracts of lavender (essential oil of lavandula angustifolia) & eucalyptus : these 2 actives complement each other to give the oil to the terminalol its anti-inflammatory, anti-infectious & analgesic properties.


Thai people often imbue the mask they are about to wear. Our Borneol Oil Roll-on allows easy application.

 Thai people often imbue the mask they are about to wear. Our Borneol Oil Roll-on allows easy application.


To impregnate a face-mask ? Why ? How ?


In Thailand, it is common to wear a face-mask : whether to avoid contaminating those around you when you have the flu, to limit the risk of catching viruses or bacteria during epidemics or to filter particles of pollution or dust. 

Why ? To add antiseptic effect to the mechanical filtration of the mask in order to reduce the risk of contamination.

To add antiseptic effect to the mechanical filtration of the mask in order to reduce the risk of contamination.


Indeed, pathogens (especially bacteria or viruses) travel clinging to dust or water droplets in suspension. These airborne particles are drawn in through your nose or mouth when breathing. The aim of the filter mask is to stop most of it. But the finer ones pass through.

Here comes the help of Borneol Oil by reinforcing this physical barrier of the mask itself. That is to say, installing an unfavorable environment for the survival of these pathogens thanks to a thin film of soothing Borneol Oil deposited by the Roll-on on the external face of the mask.

When in contact with this essential oils, Borneol & Menthol blend, the pathogens cannot survive or are severely weakened.

Likewise, the oily texture of this mixture tends to retain dust which is "stuck" to this barrier represented by the mask.

Finally, the thin film of our Soothing Borneol Oil also helps to mask unpleasant odors that may be encountered during a day. 

How ? A line on the outside of the mask is enough.

Before applying the mask on your face, lay it flat on a clean surface. Roll the Roll-on ball over the full width of the mask. One time is enough. Then apply the mask.



Convenient & compact

So compact, so easy to always keep with you on-the-go. And so handy with its integrated Roll-on, allowing you to quickly put it on your neck if feeling torticollis pain or on wrists & ankles.

Just open it, roll it and it's done.

No need to wash your hands after uses.


An essential must-have to block most daily inconveniences !


Available in 2 packing sizes :

Compact - 5ml glass bottle with Roll-on (0.18 UK fl oz) = Price : 10 €

Family - 8ml glass bottle with Roll-on (0.28 UK fl oz) = Price : 15 €










  • Apply on skin using the Roll-on on the sensitive area. No massage needed.
  • Durability : 3 years. Use within 3 months after opening.
  • Ingredients : menthol, borneol, camphor, eucalyptus oil, lavender oil, liquid paraffin
  • Notice : At the first use, try the balm on your wrist to detect any allergic reaction.
  • Keywords : soothing oil / Borneol / Roll-on / Scorch / Stinging / Insect bites / aches / Stiff neck / Mosquito / Cramp





To ease harms in daily life : insect bites, cramps, stiffs or muscular pains.


on on the sensitive area. No massage needed.


This oil may also be spread on calves, wrists or on back of neck to reduce risk of insect bites.


Caution: Be careful not to use the product on animals (risk of ingestion during licking).


This product is not a medicine. For external use only on unwounded skin.


Avoid direct contact with eyes or mucous membranes. Not recommended for pregnant or breast-feeding women, nor children under 12.






Context. Family business since 4 generation, Cher-aim provides wellness products made with Thai medicinal herbs. In Thailand, knowledge about plants & their use is shared in temples. A century ago, one of the ancestors of Cher-aim has been studying as a monk in Bangkok's Wat Pho, one of the most sacred temples, famous for its traditional medicine school. Nowadays, this influence is still being perpetuated in Cher-aim's products range.


Cher-aim. In ancient Thai, the name "Cher-aim" means fertile tree. This name takes its roots into the field of luxuriance of nature & spreading vitality.



K Tarn & his duty : transmit traditionnal knowledge about herbal uses in Thailand.



Thai traditional medicine has an approach based on energy flow across the whole body. This flows paths, disruption that may obstruct them & the way to restore them have been studied by monks & traditional healer.

Among Thai contemporary urban society, this approach still has a place. In front of disease, the purpose is to consider that the patient seeks to restore the balance by focusing on 3 ways :

  • An external action (especially through massage or use of medicinal plants applied onto the body)
  • An internal action (especially through the use of medicinal plants or specific diet)
  • A spirituality (especially through relaxation techniques)


Those practices were mainly influenced over time by Chinese Traditional Medicine, Ayurveda, yoga & buddhism.


Inhalers, balms, oils & other Cher-aim products are straight on line with this approach. They drew their potential from this heritage of knowledge usually transmetted in Thai Buddihst temples. Nowadays, Cher-aim still has a special relationship with the Wat Pho's traditional medicine school in Bangkok.