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Our Customers Reviews

Find our customers reviews on this page. These customers reviews & ratings are crucial for us not only to improve our products and services, but also to make more people know about Lemon Import. You may help us in this way by reviewing us online or just by telling others about Lemon Import. Your support would be greatly appreciated. Thank you ! Junthana & Clément

To review Lemon Import, you can use different channels as listed below…


1 - The most effective “in real life”, talk to others about us

The most effective “in real life” to promote Lemon Import, talk to others about us.


The most effective on the internet: Google

Using Google platform, it’s the most effective to build confidence for people interested in our products and browsing our website for the first time. Customers reviews may truly help them to feel confident. Think about it !

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Additionally, you may prefer send an email to review us. To do so, please use our “Contact us” feature at the bottom of each page of our site. Your rating will be published on Lemon Import page as after removing all personal data.


Just 1 or 2 sentences for a review quoting the product, that's fine !

To be clear, 1 o 2 sentences are enough to describe your customer experience. Just remember to mention the product name & explain what makes you happy with it.


And also...

Customers reviews are priceless help to clear confusion about products not widely known in Europe. For instance, our pocket-size herbal inhaler or the sun dried banana nectar are that kind of products, a bit difficult to identify on an online store if the internet user did not know them previously.



Lemon Import : 5 stars rating


Customers reviews already posted via email, on Google or Facebook.



20/04/2018 Margaretha P. about the teapot with infuser & the abitlity to order online from another European country (Austria).

I placed an online order and I was so impressed by customer service! Really very friendly and forthcoming! Plus amazing products, that I haven’t found anywhere else! I can only recommend!



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 Lemon Import : please leave us a review !





Publié le 25/02/2019